Webinars – Demonstration of Conformance and others

The webinar on 4 August, 2021 (mentioned in an earlier post) was a very successful and popular session with a panel of presenters giving multiple perspectives on how conformance with ASĀ 2885 can be demonstrated in a range of contexts. For those unable to join in, or who want to revisit any aspect, it was recorded and is now available for viewing here.

In fact there is a bunch of previous AS 2885 webinars here. Most run for about an hour but this latest one is about 2 hours because of the number of panellists.

Fracture toughness for components

Fracture control can be complicated enough without the additional subtleties of things other than mainline pipe. It is not surprising that questions arise in this area.

AS2885.info has had a couple of recent additions dealing with Charpy testing for pipeline components – specifically hot tap fittings and flanged valves. These are quite specific issues but may also provide you with some guidance on how to handle other similar topics. And if there are other aspects that are not clear feel free to comment here or email info@as2885.info.