About this blog

What is AS2885-INFO.blog?

This blog complements AS2885.info, which is a wiki-style site providing guidance on interpretation of the AS 2885 suite of standards.

How do this blog and AS2885.info differ?

  • The blog is interactive. Anyone with a question, or a response to a question, is welcome to contribute by making a comment. Your questions are encouraged (and your answers if you can help).
  • The wiki is a structured reference source for guidance that has been settled via blog discussion or the AS2885.info team.

Both the wiki and blog are supported by APGA. They have no connection with Standards Australia although we will advise the relevant Standards Australia committee of any errors found in an AS 2885 Standard.

Asking questions

You can ask a question by commenting on the top post on the Home page or by or sending a message via the Contact page.

We will respect requests for anonymity in messages sent via the Contact page. If you comment on a post on the home page then your comment will be anonymous unless you are logged in to WordPress, but that also means we can’t sent you a private reply. [TO BE CONFIRMED]

Usually we will use the question as the basis for a new post so all subscribers will be notified. Then it’s open for everyone to respond. We want you (pipeline engineers) to be involved. We hope you will contribute your knowledge and experience to the industry by giving your views on topics raised in questions.

Topics that are settled (more-or-less) will be added to the AS2885.info wiki as an ongoing reference source.

If you would like to respond to a question in the comments on the Home page you don’t have to wait for the question to be promoted to its own post, just go for it and add a further comment.

Pretty much any topic in any Part of AS 2885 is fair game for a question (except that at this stage we don’t have anyone from Part 4 on the team). But naturally it is not appropriate for this blog to discuss details of a particular pipeline or project.


This blog and AS2885.info are administered by a small team of engineers who have been involved in the development of the various Parts of AS 2885:

  • Susan Jaques
  • Peter Tuft
  • Ted Metcalfe
  • Richard McDonough
  • James Czornohalan
  • Francis Carroll
  • Mark Lackenby
  • Raj Jeyarajah
  • Lynndon Harnell
  • Paul Beukelman