Webinars – Demonstration of Conformance and others

The webinar on 4 August, 2021 (mentioned in an earlier post) was a very successful and popular session with a panel of presenters giving multiple perspectives on how conformance with AS 2885 can be demonstrated in a range of contexts. For those unable to join in, or who want to revisit any aspect, it was recorded and is now available for viewing here.

In fact there is a bunch of previous AS 2885 webinars here. Most run for about an hour but this latest one is about 2 hours because of the number of panellists.

2 thoughts on “Webinars – Demonstration of Conformance and others

  1. John Blain made the following useful comment on the earlier post which announced this webinar, reposted here for convenience:

    I have viewed the recording of the Demonstration of Conformance webinar. My thoughts are as follows:
    • There are multiple reasons for demonstration of conformance, examples I have been involved with include:
    o Meeting the technical regulator’s requirements / expectations
    o Administering a contract with a service provider (design, construction or operations) where compliance with AS2885 is a contractual clause
    o Meeting internal governance requirements of a pipeline company, i.e. confirm to senior management or the Board that requirements of the industry code are being met
    o Being in a legally defendable position should there be a serious incident that initiates any of the following:
     Coronial enquiry
     Worksafe enquiry
     Insurance claim dispute
     Expert witness investigation
     Civil lawsuits
    • Black and white conformance with clauses need to be considered in the light the reasons for demonstrating compliance.
    • The AS2885 is never written with the rigor of the contents of acts and regulations. Black and white interpretation as I have experienced with one regulator can become nonsensical where AS2885 is referenced in the regulations. I quote one statement made to me “whether the code is right or wrong, if it is called up in the Regulations you shall comply”
    • There are many clauses which are quite useful that do not apply to all pipelines and operating scenarios.
    As a general comment, we should be very cautious about adding in well-meaning new “procedural” requirements into AS2885 noting that in many instances there can be unintended consequences that go well beyond fitness for purpose.
    I commend you and your group for pulling this together. It was obviously well attended and some very thought provoking statements were presented.

    John Blain, Ninox Solutions Pty. Ltd.


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