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We have added to some links to potentially important background information, with the relevant page copied verbatim below. The documents were originally published over 10 years ago and became unavailable for a while but remain important.

This is not exactly bedtime reading. In fact parts of it can be quite dense and difficult to digest. But sometimes if you are grappling with the interpretation of AS 2885, or trying to understand why it says what it does, you might find this useful. In fact, you might as well download the two documents right now and file them somewhere handy.

In preparing each revision of AS 2885 the committees have often prepared Issue Papers that discuss a topic in detail and conclude with recommended changes to the Standard. These are working papers that tend to be abandoned when sufficient work has been done to reach a recommendation, even though the document may in some ways be incomplete or unpolished. For this reason most are not suitable for publication. However for the revision of Part 1 in 2007 nearly 80 Issue Papers were prepared and later edited for publication in 2010.

Since 2010 all Parts of AS 2885 have been revised, in some cases very substantially. However each revision of a Standard tends to build on the work of the previous revision. Hence much of the 2010 background documents remains valid as an explanation and justification for current content of Part 1 and to some extent Part 6 (which was split out from Part 1 in 2018). Users who refer to these documents must form their own judgement about the applicability to the current revision of the Standard. Note that the clause numbers referred to in the Issue Papers are for AS 2885.1-2007 and will be different for the 2018 Standards.

This Issue Paper publication project resulted in two large PDF documents:

  • “The APIA Guide to AS 2885”, August 2010
  • Appendix 2 to the Guide, “Issue Papers Prepared as Basis for AS 2885.1, Revision 2007”

APGA members can download them from the APGA Knowledgebase. Due to idiosyncrasies in the Knowledgebase metadata they are best found by searching for the date on which they were added to the Knowledgebase: 12/07/2021.

Some pages in this wiki refer to specific Issue Papers from the 2010 suite.

Over 60 Issue Papers were prepared prior to the 2018 revisions of Parts 1 and 6 but remain in their incomplete and unpolished state. The intellectual property of these papers lies with APGA. They may or may not be made publicly available in future. Requests for background information or copies of particular Issue Papers will be considered and may be granted depending on circumstances.

Demonstration of Conformance – webinar

APGA and some of the team have organised an online seminar about demonstration of conformance with AS 2885, 11:30 am – 1:30 pm Wednesday, 4 August, 2021.

Join us for a very special webinar event as APGA and members of the project team host an online workshop for presentations and discussion on matters relevant to conformance with the AS 2885 suite of Standards. The webinar will be a hybrid interactive format, and if you have been involved in demonstration of conformance with a story to tell, you are invited to join us as a panel member.

Pipeline design, construction, operation and maintenance must be done in a manner that conforms with the requirements of the AS 2885 Standard which is referenced in Australian legislation and regulation. But the way conformance should be determined and documented (and why) is not set out in any written guidelines. 

This webinar seeks to raise awareness of the various ways in which conformance can be demonstrated in the pipeline industry today. The webinar is not intended to provide definitive answers to conformance, but to discuss the various ways to do it.

The basic questions relevant to the discussion are:

·         When is assurance of conformance required?

·         Who should provide assurance of conformance, how, and why?

·         How can the client, licensee, or the regulator be confident that conformance has been achieved?

If you work with AS 2885 and have ever been asked to demonstrate conformance to the Standard, this workshop is for you. You can attend as a webinar guest (not visible to attendees), or as a Panel Member (visible on screen).

Panel members will include the team and invited industry members, with Susan Jaques acting as facilitator. 

Outstanding Questions

The team has accrued a backlog of questions from various sources. We are working through them to add to, but users might be interested to see what’s in the list. This is a high-level summary of topics, some of which concern quite specific and detailed questions.

  • Welding on barred tees (Part 2)
  • Weld impact testing (Part 2)
  • Error in Equation B2(1) (Part 5)
  • Weld anomaly assessment (Parts 2 & 3)
  • Interpretation of incident severity in SMS (Part 6)
  • Radiation contour calculation (Part 6)
  • Strength Test Type 2 (Part 5)
  • Exclusions zones (Part 5)
  • Fracture control, hot tap fittings (Part 1)
  • “Pipestrain” usage (Parts 1 & 5)
  • External loads (Part 1)
  • Critical defect length (Part 1)

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