Outstanding Questions

The AS2885.info team has accrued a backlog of questions from various sources. We are working through them to add to AS2885.info, but users might be interested to see what’s in the list. This is a high-level summary of topics, some of which concern quite specific and detailed questions.

  • Welding on barred tees (Part 2)
  • Weld impact testing (Part 2)
  • Error in Equation B2(1) (Part 5)
  • Weld anomaly assessment (Parts 2 & 3)
  • Interpretation of incident severity in SMS (Part 6)
  • Radiation contour calculation (Part 6)
  • Strength Test Type 2 (Part 5)
  • Exclusions zones (Part 5)
  • Fracture control, hot tap fittings (Part 1)
  • “Pipestrain” usage (Parts 1 & 5)
  • External loads (Part 1)
  • Critical defect length (Part 1)

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