Podcast Star!

The Pipeliners Podcast has been around since 2017, hosted by Russel Treat in the USA. I started listening to it in its early days, and listened for a couple of years, but recently took it off rotation in a podcast cleanup (it’s pretty focussed on US pipelines).

Fortunately, though, I’ve become aware that one of our very own, Jan Hayes, was recently interviewed on the podcast, not for just one episode, but two. So I’ve added it back into rotation.

Jan is interviewed by Russel about organisational factors in pipeline incidents, and about one of our favourite topics, ALARP. Both episodes cover more than that, and provides a good introduction into risk management AS2885-style.

You can hear in Russel’s questions and responses how different it is managing risk in the US vs here in Australia.

The episodes are only about 30mins long – perfect company for your daily walk!

Episode 255: Contribution of Organisation Factors

Episode 256: As Low As Reasonably Practicable

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