Success: AS2885.3-2022 published

Today, Standards Australia has published the revised AS2885.3-2022, Pipelines – Gas and liquid petroleum, Operations and maintenance.

Congratulations and thanks to the Part 3 committee members, who worked hard for 5 years, through the pandemic and all, to reach this publication stage.

If you have subscription licensed access to Part 3, please make sure your provider has updated your copy on file.

Committee members can download a copy from Standards Australia’s SIM via your username and password. It is licensed only to you for your personal use, and is watermarked as such.

If you have questions about the publication, there are a few options:

  1. ask your question or comment here below, directly on the blog (in a public forum)
  2. you can contact the (now past) committee members if you know them: convenor Geoff Callar (retired from APA), or other key contributors such as Jeff Jones or Gabriel Pizani.
  3. And, as always, you can email the generic email address and we’ll get answers for you.

There’s no imminent plan for a launch via APGA for this, not in 2022 anyway. I’m hoping we can marshal a team to provide a seminar/workshop launch in Q1 2023, probably hosted in person in Sydney. Comment below or contact us directly if you’d attend a launch workshop for Part 3.

4 thoughts on “Success: AS2885.3-2022 published

  1. This is a HUGE milestone and one that the .3 sub-committee can be immensely humbled & proud. The journey was long and the end-result is exemplary. Sincere thanks & recognition of this milestone to all committee members, contributors, reviewers & supporters.


  2. I’m wondering if there is going to be a webinar to discuss the changes comparing the new 2022 revision with the old 2012. The pdfs of the two revisions have been locked so a quick comparison via a software is not something that can be done. I’m keen to sit in a webinar and hear the changes.


    • Thanks for the enquiry Peiman, yes – we are working on providing that in the near term. I’m glad you asked; there is scope for an overview ‘changes’ webinar, as well as a more in-depth in-person technical seminar, which we are planning for in early 2023.


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